[12 March 2007] Considering the expertise required and keeping in view the declining standards of values in public life and with a view to motivate young people to achieve higher standards of personal excellence and conduct,IJTC iscooperating in the production of a Mind Sciences University.


This has been sought to achieve through the concept of an online university in the convergent mode through its Japanese and US based partners. End-to end development is aimed to be implemented in consultation with subject matter experts.

To achieve this project’s objectives, the latest technologies of online education including video streaming, computer graphics, multimedia and animation modules are being integrated in a convergent mode on the internet.




With its special range of skills and capabilities, wide ranging contacts and infrastructure in dealing with Japanese clients including onsite and offshore value added interpretation and translation facilities, onsite coordination, Japanese and Indian staff availability with its principals in Japan, an understanding of the Japanese business methodology and ethos, IJTC’s focus is to meet the outsourcing and coordination requirements of its Japanese client.

IJTC has successfully executed projects in Japan in the area of embedded systems pertaining to Firmware and Software, Windows based software, networking, verification and validation, electronic business solutions, imaging, client – server business applications, data conversion, multimedia and internet solutions.

The software solutions group focuses primarily on developing web content, web designing, hosting, animation, graphics, special effects and streaming videos for its information and educational sites for the global market.








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